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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:

Electrical Power Engineering

The Electrical Power Engineering Research Group have wide ranging interests and activities.  In addition to our research, we also provide the focus for Undergraduate degree programmes in Electrical and Electromechanical Engineering.


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Undergraduate Courses


Postgraduate Degrees

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EPE News

Prof Paul Lewin with TDHVL Lab Manager Neil Palmer
When it comes to research groups working in dielectric electrical insulation and high voltage plant, Southampton is one of the largest, most active groups in the world.

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The Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory at the University of Southampton has developed a novel electrostatic technique for the SPABRINK Eu project partnership. The project uses dielectrophoretic forces produced at the surface of a polymer foil to pin coloured ink powder particles in position to form an image.

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In late 2014, the Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory (TDHVL) was granted £40,000 by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to conduct cutting-edge research on development of a modelling tool for performance optimization in pulsed plasma thrusters (Ref. EP/M506783/1). The project is jointly led by Prof. Alun Vaughan, Prof. Steve Gabriel, and Dr Igor Golosnoy from TDHVL, and supported by Mars Space Ltd, UK.

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Tim Hughes
Tim Hughes , a member of the Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory, has received multiple awards from conferences around the UK. Tim is a postgraduate researcher working on an interdepartmental research project Understanding Environmental Controls on the State of sub-seafloor High Voltage Cables, between the TDHVL and NOCS.

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Featured Project: Dielectrics for high temperature superconducting applications

After the discovery of high temperature superconductor in 1986, the interest in the power applications of superconducting has increased dramatically. With a number of successful in-field... [more]

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