The University of Southampton

EPE Seminar with Prof Giulio Malucelli - Event

26th of July, 2019  @  14:30 - 15:30
Eustice (5) - Room 2011
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“UV-curable piezoelectric coatings” Abstract: The seminar will describe some recent progresses in the design of piezoelectric composites based on the use of ZnO as piezoceramic, embedded in a UV-curable acrylic matrix. These systems could be useful for the fabrication of wearable fabrics, for energy harvesting purposes. In particular, among the potential uses, the area of the piezocoating, coated on a fabric, could be partially exploited as gas sensing unit, exploiting the electrical energy produced by the piezo part for feeding the gas sensor, hence providing an autonomous operation of the entire device.
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