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EPE Seminar with Prof Paolo Gessini - Event

9th of August, 2019  @  14:00 - 15:00
Eustice (5) - 2015
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Electric Propulsion Activities at the University of Brasilia ABSTRACT: Research in Electric Propulsion has been ongoing at the University of Brasilia for nearly 20 years, first at the Plasma Laboratory, Physics Institute and, much more recently, at the Space Systems Laboratory, Aerospace Engineering. Whereas, at the Physics Institute, experimental activities and numerical simulations have led to the development and testing of several versions of Permanent-Magnet Hall-Effect Thrusters, at Aerospace Engineering, only established in 2012, the Space Systems Laboratory facilities are still being implemented. Therefore, research until now has mostly been theoretical, and experimental activities are just starting in earnest. Topics that have been explored and are under consideration for future development include Pulsed Plasma Thrusters, Cylindrical Hall-Effect Thrusters, Arcjets and Helicon Double-Layer Thrusters.
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