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Strong Presence of TDHVL at 2015 EIC International Conference

Published: 18 June 2015

The IEEE 2015 Electrical Insulation Conference (EIC) held recently in Seattle, Washington, USA featured 18 papers from staff and students of the Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory. The conference attracted over 250 attendees (mainly from industry) and just under 150 papers were presented over three days. Approximately one paper in every 8 detailed research activity from Southampton.

This year’s conference was also organised by members of TDHVL, a process that started over two years ago. “It has been a significant challenge organising a large meeting that will take place 4800 miles away from Southampton” said Liz Tillotson, TDHVL administrator and EIC Registration Chair. Also notable was that this was the first time that the Conference Chair was not based in North America. “EIC started in 1959 and this is the 52nd meeting, so to be the very first Chair from outside of the USA and Canada is a honour and also reflects on the international standing of TDHVL”, said Prof Paul Lewin, Chair of Electrical Power Engineering, ECS.

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