The University of Southampton

Cryogenic Dielectrics

High Voltage Engineering, Solid dielectrics, HTS power apparatus, Superconductivity

Following on from the group's previous research in superconducting power applications, this project investigates the behaviour of dielectric insulation in the cryogenic temperature domain. In order to increase the overall power being transmitted via a superconductor, it is desirable to increase the voltage as well as the current going through the conductor. To contain the potential difference within the superconductor, new types of insulating materials are required with good mechanical and electrical properties at cryogenic temperatures. Experiments will be undertaken on both new and existing materials at cryogenic temperatures in order to assess their feasibility for use as dielectric insulators in superconducting power applications.

Primary investigator

Secondary investigator

  • tak07r

Associated research groups

  • Electrical Power Engineering
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering
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