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Iterative Learning Control of Multi-axis Systems

Control Systems

The aim of the project is to implement Iterative Learning Control (ILC) on a multi-axis conveyor belt system, similar to those found in industry. Conveyor systems are widely used throughout industry to transport products from one industrial process to another. Typical applications can be found in the automotive and food production industries. Particular attention will be given to the food production industry where conveyor systems are generally based on two parallel lengths of chain with a conveying surface between them. PID Control is practically the only system used, and these systems could well be described as "rough and ready".

A section of chain conveyor will be contructed with a range of different dispensers along its length, totalling in the region of 8 axes of motion. ILC will be used to improve positioning accuracy of the conveyor in both synchronous and indexing modes of operation, with a focus on reducing the relative error between dispensor and product.

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  • jdr01r

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  • Electrical Power Engineering
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