The University of Southampton

Use of Electrostatic Techniques to Identify, Sort & Recycle Mixed Waste

Landfill Tax Credit Scheme

Vast quantities of plastic waste packaging materials such as bottles, food container etc are currently sent to land-fill. This 14-month project sponsored by the Onyx Environmental Trust investigates the use of electrostatic tehniques to identify the different plastic types which are then segregated from each other and recycled.

A pilot-scale conveyor line is under construction in the EPE Group laboratories which handles mixed waste and ejects the different plastics at different points on the line. 'Non plastics' such as cardboard and wood are also streamed out.

Primary investigator

  • Graham Hearn

Secondary investigator

  • James Ballard


  • Onyx Environmental Trust

Associated research groups

  • Electrical Power Engineering
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering
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