The University of Southampton
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ThemeControl Systems (3)
ThemeEnvironmental modelling (4)
ThemeHTS power apparatus (2)
ThemeHigh Voltage Engineering (17)
ThemeLiquid dielectrics (1)
ThemeModelling and Simulation (6)
ThemeRobotics (1)
ThemeRobotics and Control (2)
ThemeSolid dielectrics (6)
ThemeSpace Charge Measurement (1)
ThemeSpace and surface charge (5)
ThemeSuperconductivity (4)
ProjectPolymeric Insulation for high voltage DC application20122016
ProjectDC conductivity measurement of transformer oils and its application in diagnosis of oil status20102014
ProjectDielectrics for high temperature superconducting applications2009
ProjectModelling of Thermal Damage in Carbon Fibre Composites20092013
ProjectObjective-based Iterative Learning Control for Robotics and Rehabilitation20092011
ProjectModelling the Aging Processes of Polymeric Insulation using Electroluminescence and Space Charge Measurement Data20082012
ProjectSilicone oil degradation analysis (SODA)20082010
ProjectThe effect of cross-linking byproduct on electrical properties of soaked LDPE.20072012
ProjectCryogenic Dielectrics20072012
ProjectImpulse ageing of polymeric materials20072010
ProjectRoCiT - Ratings of Cables in Tunnels20072012
ProjectRenewable materials for high voltage applications20072010
ProjectSurface discharge measurement using the pockels effect20062009
ProjectModelling of surface discharges20062010
ProjectDesign and optimisation of the high temperature superconducting generator with a coreless rotor20062009
ProjectFEAR - Finite Element Analysis for cable Ratings20052012
ProjectIterative learning control for re-education of upper limb20052008
ProjectContinuous Online PD Monitoring for HV Cables20022005
ProjectIterative Learning Control of Multi-axis Systems20012004
ProjectA Practical Assessment of ILC Control Stategies20012004
ProjectUse of Electrostatic Techniques to Identify, Sort & Recycle Mixed Waste20012002
ProjectOn-line Condition Monitoring of HV Cables20012004
ProjectThree-dimensional space charge distribution measurement in dielectrics20012001
ProjectDesign, build and test a high temperature superconducting demonstration synchronous generator20002004
ProjectSimultaneous Space Charge and Current Measurements in Polyethylene Insulation under HVDC Conditions19992002
ProjectHydrological Effects and the Avoidance of Thermal Runaway19992002
ProjectControl of a multifingered adaptive end effector19972001
ProjectPartial discharge detection in cable systems19972000